The Types Of Parrot that Make The Best Pets

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Types of ParrotsParrots belong to a very large clan with approximately 350 species and sub-species. That fact can make for a very confusing time when considering what species to buy as a pet. Keep in mind, however, not all types of parrot make great pets.

There are the smaller types of parrots such as budgies and lovebirds; medium size parrots such as Conures and African Grey Amazons; and larger types of parrots such as Macaws and large Cockatoos.

With so many types of parrots, selecting the right parrot for you can be a major task. Hopefully, the following information will help you understand some of the more popular types of parrots and their characteristics.

Types Of Parrot

Before buying a parrot, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for in a bird. Some things to consider are size, coloration and beauty, compatibility with humans, trainability and cost, to name a few. Here are some types you might consider.


This species is one of the types of parrots that requires much bonding for them to fully trust you. These gorgeous, medium-size birds make excellent pets. They are very colorful, proudly displaying their grays, white, red, orange and green plumage. While they have a pleasant disposition, they can also be quite noisy at times. They are one of the types of parrots highly preferred as a pet.


This parrot is absolutely gorgeous with vibrant coloration and sleek plumage. Macaws have a mind of their own and require an owner who is not shy about exerting authority with their bird. These types of parrots come in varying sizes and are highly favored as pets. Since Macaws tend to be very aggressive and active, they require a variety of sturdy toys to satisfy their playful nature.


This is one of the types of parrots highly sought after as pets because they are so affectionate. They are great around children and will be loyal to the end. The major downside of owing a Cockatoo is they require constant attention, more than any other types of parrots. While they are not as colorful as other types of parrots, Cockatoos more than make up for that with their amiable personality.

Budgies (Parakeets):

When it comes to types of parrots as pets, the energetic and entertaining budgie is by far the most popular worldwide. With a life span of 8 to 10 years, a budgie is one of the smallest types of parrots. They are quite affectionate and love to interact with their human owners. While budgies require an adequate amount of care and attention, their care is not as time consuming as other types of parrots.


The Cockatiel is one of the smaller parrots. This small Australian parrot is quite sociable and friendly. They love being with humans and prove that in the way they interact. In fact, Cockatiels require constant attention. This is due to the fact that in the wild you will always see Cockatiels as a pair. Even though the Cockatiels we purchase are bred domestically, that natural instinct remains intact.

These are but a few of the numerous types of parrots this world has been blessed with. These, however, are the most popular for types of parrots pets.

Types Of Parrot

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