The Right Parrot Food Grows Healthy, Happy Parrots

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You have purchased a beautiful parrot as a pet and are determined to be a responsible owner.  That means becoming familiar with those things that make good parrot food.

Unfortunately, many parrot owners fail to educate themselves in the area of parrot food and assume that all they need to feed their pet is a handful of special seed.  This understanding of parrot food is so far from the truth and harmful to your parrot. Parrots require a variety of healthy parrot food, and anything healthy for humans, is healthy parrot food.  Feed seeds alone is putting your parrot on a destructive diet of fat.

Preparing parrot food is not so different from preparing food for your family.  Critical to a healthy diet are essentials like fruits and vegetables, particularly those laden with Vitamin A.  Protein and carbohydrates are essential as well.  Your parrot will happily peck his way to happiness and health on a feast of well-cooked meats such as a variety of fowl.  Their health is also enhanced by adding fish, rice, eggs and pasta to the menu of parrot food.

For good skin and healthy feathers, parrot food should contain lots of Vitamin A. That can be found mainly in green vegetables.  Vitamin A also helps your parrot fend off any infections that might come its way.

You also need to include whole grains and carbohydrates in your parrot food, and many parrot owners forget to add a little fat content to the parrot food.  You can provide fat by adding dairy products, various nuts and birdseed to your pet’s diet.

There are also commercially produced parrot food products that are formulated especially for your parrot.  These, however, should be supplemented with the kinds of parrot food mentioned above.
It is wise to use a stationary type of feeder  that your parrot can’t easily throw around.  This not only contributes to less waste and mess, but also helps keep the parrot food and feeding area cleaner.  A dirty cage is the main source of disease to a parrot.

Hand Feeding Your Parrot Food Can Be Counter Productive

Hand feeding any creature can be a chore.  Parrots are no exception. There are  those owners who believe hand feeding results in a better bird and a stronger bond between bird and owner.  For the most part this is folklore because the only thing you are really accomplishing is teaching the parrot to be totally dependent on you. Any bonding that does take place through hand feeding is almost always one-sided – in favor of the owner.

The same bonding you hope to achieve through hand feeding parrot food is usually accomplished just as well through vocal interaction with your parrot and short play times.  Unless you are a professional or well experienced in every aspect of raising healthy parrots, any hand feeding that needs to be done should be left to the breeder.

For this reason, it is best to ensure that you purchase only a fully weaned parrot. The novice who purchases otherwise runs a huge risk of raising a sick, deformed and unhappy bird.

You and your pet parrot can enjoy long years together if, right from the very beginning, you pay attention to feeding habits and parrot food content.

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laura2Laura Russell is an ex-parrot breeder who has been in love with parrots and has provided parrot care for over 20 years now and regards them as part of her family. On Ultimate Parrot Guide Laura shares her expertise in her articles and is also happy to answer your parrot care questions.

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