Insider Secrets for Preparation for Teaching Parrot Tricks

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Parrots make great pets and are becoming increasingly popular, partly because of the parrot tricks they can do. Some tricks, such as talking, can be done inside the cage but others can only be done outside of it. Before any teaching outside the cage happens, there are a number of things that need to be done in preparation.

Getting Ready For Parrot Tricks For The First Time

Parrot TricksBefore you open the cage to start teaching parrot tricks for the first time, you have to check a number of things. It is a good idea to do these checks systematically so that it will easily become routine.

First, make sure the room you intend to let them out in is sealed, all doors and windows must be shut and you should remain present in the room with them at all times to make sure they are ok. This is because, when first let out of their cage, many young parrots will fly around wildly and without much direction; if you see your parrot crash land you should not be too concerned as this is perfectly normal on his first attempt. As a result you should make sure nothing that might be hazardous is in the room with you, some examples of which are:

  • Plants such as cacti with its spines could be harmful so they should be removed as they may be potentially poisonous.
  • Any fireplaces should be well covered so the bird cannot get too close.
  • Ornaments should be removed as they may get broken and result in harm coming to the bird.
  • Windows are particularly hazardous and should be shut tight and preferably covered up with blinds or net curtains to stop the bird flying at it.

If you think you will be handling the bird, wear gloves as young parrots tend to have sharp claws.

Creating An Environment For Teaching Parrot Tricks

You want your young parrot to be comfortable outside of the cage as quickly as possible so it is important to create an environment that is suited for teaching him parrot tricks. This is very simple to do, to start, take a look around the room and think if there are adequate places he can perch; If not, you need to create a few.

If room is not an issue you could have a purpose made parrot play area that includes a parrot gym or you can simply place toys around the room. Making it as fun as possible when it comes to time for learning parrot tricks will make him want to do it more and thus make it easier to teach him.

It is a good idea to check the limitations of your particular pet’s breed before you start teaching it parrot tricks to give you an idea of when your bird is doing well. For example the vocabulary of English words a parrot can have depends on his particular species and can vary from just 30 words to up to 500 in others.

laura2Laura Russell is an ex-parrot breeder who has been in love with parrots and has provided parrot care for over 20 years now and regards them as part of her family. On Ultimate Parrot Guide Laura shares her expertise in her articles and is also happy to answer your parrot care questions.

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