Don’t Go It Alone On Parrot Behaviour Modification

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Every parrot has a personality all its own and certain species of parrots possess certain traits and characteristics peculiar to that species, that being said, these traits and characteristics manifest themselves in parrot behaviour.

While some of that behaviour is positive and what makes some parrots so desirable, there are certain traits that produce undesirable behaviour in your parrot. You will probably want to work at curbing the latter.

Keep in mind that some of your parrot’s behaviour is inherent. These are the most difficult acts of behaviour to derail. You should never give up, however, but continue with a consistent program of behaviour training.

Some acts of behaviour that bother parrot owners include: biting, attacking, chewing, screaming, indiscriminate defecation, lack of trust and jealousy, to name a few. The very first thing a parrot owner needs to establish is a “goal behaviour”. That simply means working toward the kind of behaviour you want your parrot to display. It might seem a mission impossible at first, but since parrots are quite intelligent and tend to bond quickly, every parrot owner stands a good chance of achieving modified behaviour with his pet.

How To Modify Parrot Behaviour

The purpose of this article isn’t to provide the “whys” and “hows” of controlling parrot behaviour, but rather to encourage parrot owners that behaviour modification is very possible if you stick with proven methods.

For example: one of the main complaints about most parrots is that they bite, and bite hard. Rather than give in to the fear of handling your bird, a parrot owner who has been bitten must persevere with some authoritive training until the desired behavioural change is achieved. In order for that change to occur, the owner must first understand why it is parrots bit. Mostly it is because you are trying to force him to do something he doesn’t want to. There can be other reasons, but biting is primarily an act of rebellion.

In order to effectively deal with matters of behaviour, here are some things a parrot owner can do.

  • Educate yourself about parrot behaviour. Read everything you can in books and magazines, pamphlets from your veterinarian and anything else that will help you better understand parrot behaviour.
  • Join an online parrot forum. Here you will bond with other pet owners who have been down the same road as you are travelling. They are often a goldmine of valuable information.>
  • Visit your veterinarian. Vets have information available to the public on just about any household pet you can think of. They are usually quite eager to assist because you may need the services of a vet for your parrot someday.
  • Purchase a quality parrot behaviour training course. You can find them in either print or on video and they are usually produced by experts in the field. When you purchase a training program, make sure to verify the presenter’s qualifications.
  • Subscribe to a quality magazine. There are parrot societies in various parts of the United States and the world over, for that matter. Some publish magazines for its niche audience.

There is help available to parrot owners who are dealing with parrot behaviour related issues – that means you don’t have to go it alone in frustration.

Parrot Behaviour

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