Keeping Macaws – What You Should Know

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Macaws are a breed of parrot that are very popular as pets, though there is quite a bit of variation between the different types. They are relatively easy to keep and macaw food usually comes pre-packaged, with all the correct blends of food types and nutrients that your bird will need to stay strong and healthy.

The Best Macaw Food

Macaw Food

The best macaw food varies depending on the type and the individual though they are relatively good at adapting to a new diet compared to other parrot types. When you buy packets of macaw food, be sure to check the package as some are only recommended for use while breeding.

Walnuts, Brazil nuts and hazel nuts should make up a good part of your bird’s diet; they are especially good macaw food for the larger breeds. The best place to buy the nuts pre-packaged is a specialist bird shop or a pet superstore, who will have trained staff to give you advice should you need it.

Seeds are probably the most important part of a macaw’s diet and you can purchase packets of seeds that are specially blended to be suitable macaw food. If you want to give your bird some extra treats, fruit is a good option as, amongst other things, it provides your bird with extra vitamins, is good for their feathers and helps keep the immune system strong.

About Macaws

Macaws are distinctive because of what seems to be a bare patch on their faces. This is, in fact an area that is covered by tiny feathers which can act as an indicator to their mood as if the bird gets excited or angry, the blood will rush to his face, making the little feathers appear as though they are reddening.

There is a large amount of variation in size with macaws, more so than with any other bread of parrot. They can grow to be as large as 91 cm (36 in) long down to the smallest, the Red Shouldered macaw, which is only 30 cm (12 in) long (though they do all share a similar body type and long tail). The larger macaws are generally more colourful while the smaller ones tend to be green. The sexes do not have distinctive differences in plumage, though female birds, known as hens, tend to have smaller heads.

Keeping Macaws As Pets – Make Sure You Have The Best Macaw Food

It takes over five years for macaws to reach maturity and they can live well into their 50’s. If you’re thinking of buying a macaw, it is best to get one at a young age as they are more likely to become very tame and learn tricks such as talking, though they are not the most talented birds in this area.

On the other hand, they are loud birds and the larger ones can be difficult to keep indoors; even the smaller ones can be particularly loud and destructive. That said, as long as you give them the correct macaw food, and some love and attention, most breeds of macaw make great pets that will give you companionship for years to come.

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