The Absolute Best Way to Be Prepared For Parrot Breeding

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If you are thinking of starting a program of parrot breeding, it is wise to gather as much information on it as possible. Many aspects vary considerably depending on the species of your parrot which needs to be researched but there are some general things you can do in the meantime to prepare.

Pairing For Parrot Breeding

Parrot BreedingOf the 330 types of parrots, not many are traditionally kept as pets but more recently even ones that are more difficult in terms of parrot breeding have become popular. One of the reasons for this is that with some parrot types, it is very difficult to tell the difference between the sexes but now scientific methods such as DNA testing can be carried out beforehand making pairing them for breeding possible.

Preparation is key when breeding birds, and it is advisable to pair them as early as possible as a hen may be unwilling to mate if she is in new surroundings, this can in fact be the case for up to five years for the larger breeds.

Preparing Your Aviary For Your Breeding Parrots

If your aviary has been used before for parrot breeding, you should make sure it is cleaned throughout by taking it apart and using specially made cleaning products to kill any parasites that might be living there. Everything should then be rinsed and allowed to totally dry out before the aviary is reassembled.

Nesting For Parrot Breeding

If you are planning on undertaking parrot breading, you are most likely to get success if you do it in an aviary. It should only be encouraged during the summer months and when breeding on the colony system, you must have all nests the same height or it will cause fighting. Nests should be positioned within the aviary shelter and under cover so it is important to provide a way for them to do this.

You can buy or build a nesting box for them though some prefer their nest sight to be natural. To help them in this regard, secure some old logs to the mesh of the aviary and let them create their own nest there. Be sure to check exactly what is needed by the type of parrot s you own as it can vary considerably from one species to another.

Any damage to the nest box should be repaired including any little holes that will let in light as that may stop the birds using the box for breeding. You should also ensure that the ladder has not been weakened by the parrots gnawing at it as if it breaks it will become difficult for them to reach the bottom of the nest which may result in loss of eggs or chicks. All repairs should be carried out when the nest is empty or it will probably be abandoned by the birds.

The nest box will mostly be used at night, if you notice the pair spending time in the box during the day it means you have probably succeeded in your attempts at the first, and possibly most important stage of parrot breeding because they are probably mating.

laura2Laura Russell is an ex-parrot breeder who has been in love with parrots and has provided parrot care for over 20 years now and regards them as part of her family. On Ultimate Parrot Guide Laura shares her expertise in her articles and is also happy to answer your parrot care questions.

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