Are You Really A Good Candidate For Owning a Parrot?

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Many people have opted to own parrot pets over the traditional household animals most families keep.  Parrots are popular for a number of reasons.  Certainly, some people prefer anything exotic and different.  Parrot pets certainly fit into that category, and they are big, beautiful and you will not be short on entertainment when you own one.

Another reason owning parrot pets is advantageous is due to the fact they tend to live for years, some, like the Macaw, as long as 50 years.  This is important to some people who crave the companionship of an animal, because as a rule they won’t be faced with the loss of a pet as often as with a dog or a cat.

Extremely strong bonds are often forged between parrot pets and their owners, so much so that parrot pets and owner can actually communicate quite effectively.  Parrots are mimickers and it doesn’t always take a whole lot of work to actually be able to converse back and forth. There’s and old adage: “Monkey see, monkey do.”  With parrot pets, it is more like “Parrot hear, parrot say”.

The Thrill Of Parrot Pets

Looking beyond the thrill over the possibility of owning parrot pets, there are some points a prospective owner ought to seriously consider.  It takes more than a mere love for parrots to be a responsible owner of parrot pets

Parrots also love to play, especially the larger ones like Macaw and Cockatoo.  They need that constant freedom in order to be healthy and happy.  For this reason, large parrot pets are not the best option when there are smaller children in the home.  Large parrot pets tend to be rambunctious and full of energy.  They require very durable toys because they are prone to destroying them quickly with their aggressive style of play.  This being so, a small child could easily be injured by this well-meaning pet.

Another thing to consider when contemplating parrot pets is the size of your home. Accommodations that are quite small are normally not a good environment for larger parrot pets.  Cages for these large birds need to be large and you need adequate room for both the bird and those living in the house.  Most owners of parrot pets want their bird to have a separate perch stand for those times when they leave the cage.  More room claimed by your parrot.

A point worthy of consideration is polling every member of your household to ensure each and every one is in favour of purchasing a parrot pet.  If one member is extremely opposed, the idea ought to be abandoned until the opposition is resolved.

Parrot Pets

laura2Laura Russell is an ex-parrot breeder who has been in love with parrots and has provided parrot care for over 20 years now and regards them as part of her family. On Ultimate Parrot Guide Laura shares her expertise in her articles and is also happy to answer your parrot care questions.

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