A Parrot Breeder Is The Key To Healthy Birds

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It used to be that parrots didn’t come from a parrot breeder, they were obtained by importing these lovely birds from their place of origin.  That is not the case any more.  In fact, the parrots you find for sale in pet shops are the work of the parrot breeder.

The parrot breeder is an avian specialist and needs to be because breeding is an exact science, so to speak, and calls for the strictest discipline and business ethics.  The reputable parrot breeder belongs to a related group or organization that sets standards for its members.  A breach of those standards can result in severe consequences.

The parrot breeder is concerned with maintaining the true virtues and integrity of the species in which he specializes.  For that reason he adheres to the strictest of rules and standards. The fruits of labor are seen in the quality of the healthy birds the parrot breeder provides for the marketplace.
Like any other type of breeder, the breeder is selective regarding the species of parrot bred. Keep in mind that there are approximately 350 different species and subspecies of parrots in existence.  Also keep in mind that each species is a world all its own and each one requires specific training and talents on the part of the breeder.

When looking for a breeder, always obtain references before you actually do business.  Just because someone bills himself as a parrot breeder, that doesn’t make him one –  at least one that can be trusted.

A parrot breeder does more than incubate eggs or manage breeding stock.  The parrot breeder is the person most influential in the initial formative life of the bird, and it is essential that you select the right breeder.  Substandard means and methods of rearing the young will soon become evident as the parrots involved continue to mature.  It’s an old adage in action: “What starts wrong can only end wrong”.

On the other side of the coin, a top-notch breeder will produce the lion’s share of top-notch parrots.  A quality breeder will know everything there is to know about the species he breeds and will follow the rules relating to that species to the letter. The unscrupulous parrot breeder does what he does mainly for the money because parrots do command big dollars. The ethical and caring parrot breeder does what he does mainly because he loves the parrots in which he specialize and because he wants to contribute to the perpetuation of these wonderful birds.

Dealing With A Parrot Breeder

When dealing with a parrot breeder, ask lots of questions.  Not only do you do this to learn yourself, but also to test the knowledge of the parrot breeder and assess his confidence in his answers.  If the parrot breeder appears annoyed with your inquisitiveness, you might consider dealing with someone else.

One should never consider becoming a parrot breeder unless they have owned parrots for many years and have absorbed all there is to learn about the species they plan on breeding.  The initial cost to become a parrot breeder can also be considerable.

Parrot Breeder

laura2Laura Russell is an ex-parrot breeder who has been in love with parrots and has provided parrot care for over 20 years now and regards them as part of her family. On Ultimate Parrot Guide Laura shares her expertise in her articles and is also happy to answer your parrot care questions.

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